Fireworks Wednesday

Fireworks Wednesday


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BUY TICKETS     Monday, 8 December – 6.30pm – The Australian Cinémathèque at GOMA

“A thoroughly engrossing and densely textured drama showing Farhadi’s cool skill in dissecting the Iranian middle classes and the unhappiness of marriage.”The Guardian

It’s the day before the Iranian New Year. Rouhi, young and poor, has been dispatched to the apartment of professional couple Morteza and Mojdeh to work as their maid for the day – but she arrives to find an apartment in chaos, and Mojdeh screaming accusations of infidelity at her husband. Hesitant to get involved but unable to refuse their commands, Rouhi becomes an unwilling pawn in their escalating conflict.

The uneasy relationship between class and power is the playground for Fireworks Wednesday, Farhadi’s typically incisive and unsettling third feature. Drawing masterful performances from a cast of Iran’s most celebrated actors, Fireworks Wednesday is Farhadi through and through: beautiful to watch, fascinating to explore and impossible to resolve.

“Psychologically intricate and dramatically engrossing… a tour de force.” – Variety