Journey to the West

Journey To The West

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BUY TICKETS     Wednesday, 3 December – 8.30pm – The Australian Cinémathèque at GOMA

BUY TICKETS     Saturday, 13 December – 11.00am – The Australian Cinémathèque at GOMA

Liang’s ravishing conceptual film achieves a rare blend of sensuous delight and documentary specificity … turns the world as we know it upside down.” – The New Yorker

A Buddhist monk garbed in luminous red robes walks slowly through the streets and countryside of Marseille. Eyes downcast and steps measured, he is both of and not of this world; completely oblivious to the lives unfolding around him, yet changing them by his very presence. A disciple emerges (legendary French actor Denis Lavant) – one who, for his own enigmatic reasons, shadows the monk’s steps towards enlightenment.

The sixth instalment in maverick filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang’s much lauded Walker series, Journey to the West is another ravishingly shot, exquisitely conceived experiment in cinematic languor. Unfolding over 14 epic, masterfully composed shots, Journey to the West is a dreamlike meditation on urbanity, progress, serenity and chaos – a breathtaking encounter with filmmaking of the purest kind.

Screens with Past Present, Malaysian filmmaker Saw Tiong Guan’s documentary on Tsai Ming-liang.