Idol, The

An irresistible symbol of hope… a charming, rambunctious coming-of-age dramedy” – Variety

In 2013, a young man named Mohammed Assaf became the first Palestinian to win ‘Arab Idol’. It was a remarkable victory, but the story behind how he came to compete is even more extraordinary. Assaf’s journey from the devastation of the Gaza Strip to the bright lights of Cairo, and all the way to the pinnacle of the singing competition, took every ounce of his ingenuity and determination – as he risked everything for a chance at a dream.

Renowned Palestinian filmmaker Hany Abu-Assad (whose film Omar won Best Feature Film at the 7th Asia Pacific Screen Awards, 2013) turns in his most vibrant and life-affirming work to date. An uplifting rags-to-riches tale, The Idol tells Assaf’s phenomenal true story with charm, sensitivity and plenty of offbeat humour, offering a seldom-seen side to Palestine and its people.