The BAPFF Team

Asia Pacific Screen Awards Advisory Board

Michael Hawkins, Chairman
Des Power AM
Harvey Lister
Geoff Rodgers OAM
John Kirby AM

APSA and BAPFF Film Team 2016

Maxine Williamson
Film Director, APSA and BAPFF

Kiki Fung
Head Programmer

Eddy Garcia-Grant
Screen Manager

Tamara Hembury
Academy and Industry Engagement Executive

Laura Bonde Pederson
Programming Coordinator, BAPFF

Brock Taffe
Screen Coordinator

Narelle Robson-Petch
Prints Controller

Paul Clarke
Film Fund Coordinator

Glenn Dunks
Event Content Coordinator

Brisbane Marketing BAPFF TEAM 2016

John Aitken
Chief Executive Officer

Anne-Maree Moon
General Manager, Leisure Tourism & Events

Richard Boland
General Manager, Marketing & Communications

Melissa Kite
Head of Produced Events

Jennifer Ralph
Senior Manager, Produced Events

Jaclyn McLendon
Event Integration Manager

Nikki Reid
Event Manager, Produced Events

Ruth Griffin
Community Engagement Manager, APSA BAPFF

Jacqueline Bawtree
Event Operations Manager

Charis Holt
Event Operations Coordinator

Tracey Mathers
Ticketing Manager

Sonal Patel
Travel & Transport Coordinator

Nikki Johnston
Volunteer Coordinator

Jacob Neuhauser
Venue Coordinator

Sheree Ramage
Talent & Red Carpet Manager

Steve Guise
Head of Commercial and Corporate Partnerships

Vicki Ciocca
Partnerships Services Manager

Amber Gilmore
Communication Manager

Daniel Anderson
Media & Communications Advisor

Special thanks to the extended Brisbane Marketing team for your assistance towards the delivery of the 3th Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival, as well as our dedicated interns, volunteers  and all of our sponsors and partners.


Rani Kellock (WordPlay Copywriting), Copywriter
Sarah Ward, Copywriter
Baz McAlister, Copywriter
Glen Dunks, Copywriter


Caity Booth
Hannah Grace Fulton
Brock Taffe
Kaitlyn Tighe
Brogan Walker