Right Now Wrong Then

“Hong Sang-soo’s Groundhog Day… Another structurally clever character study with surprisingly potent results” – Indiewire

On his way to a backwater film festival, disaffected filmmaker Ham Cheon-soo becomes infatuated with a woman he meets on the street. The two begin a tentative flirtation, but as the day wears on Ham’s misanthropy looks set to derail their burgeoning romance. Then, what if things had played out differently?

Whip smart, coy and acutely self-aware, Right Now, Wrong Then, this year’s Locarno Golden Leopard winner, offers a whimsical look at the ‘butterfly effects’ that flow from our small, everyday social interactions. The latest feature from South Korean auteur Hong Sang-soo (Night and Day, nominated for Best Screenplay APSA in 2008), this is a wryly offbeat comedic gem.