Atomic Heart

“An electrifyingly wacko tale… full of witty philosophizing, flirtatious sallies and authority-challenging double-speak” – Variety

Two Iranian twenty-somethings are driving home from a party when a drunken car accident, and an encounter with a mysterious, well-dressed stranger, catapults them into a strange nocturnal road trip – a surreal journey through a shadow-Tehran, populated with dead dictators and Mephistophelian bargains.

A neo-noir fever dream that recalls the stylised oddity of Jim Jarmusch, Atomic Heart is the blazing sophomore feature from 29 year-old Iranian renegade Ali Ahmadzadeh (Kami’s Party). A whirlwind of snappy dialogue, eerie atmospherics and biting satire, it’s a joyfully strange shot across the bows of Tehran society.