Under Electric Clouds

BAPFF is a celebration of life and many of the festival’s films celebrate beauty in all its forms. We’ve compiled a selection of visually stunning films to wow your senses.

Among the more beautiful BAPFF films of 2015 are Tikkun (Israel), A Corner of Heaven (People’s Republic of China), The Assassin (Taiwan), Tharlo (People’s Republic of China) and Under Electric Clouds (Russian Federation).

Israeli film Tikkun paints a magnetic portrait of one man’s existential crisis of faith with a touch of surrealism. Shot in ethereal black and white, its supernatural air will indulge the audience’s consciousness.

A Corner of Heaven (People’s Republic of China) is a visual feast of a film exploring post-industrial China and one boy’s journey to find his mother. The film’s loose camera work and lyrical long takes bring much poetry to its realism. Nominated for Best Cinematography at the 9th Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

The Assassin (Taiwan) is a meditative martial arts film featuring sumptuous cinematography and hypnotic pacing. It conjures all the restrained and spiritual beauty of a classical Chinese landscape painting – a feat that saw director Hou Hsiao-hsien awarded Best Director at Cannes this year. The Assassin is nominated for Best Cinematography at the 9th Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

Tharlo (People’s Republic of China) is set in the unforgiving wilderness of Tibet. Featuring beloved Tibetan poet, musician and actor Shide Nyima, it is the story of an uneducated sheep herder who is forced to visit the city and is startled by urban existence. Tharlo is nominated for Best Cinematography at the 9th Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

Screen International calls Under Electric Clouds (Russian Federation, Ukraine, and Poland) “ravishingly shot”. Set in Russia 2017, the film’s ambitious non-linear narrative explores the nation’s 100 years of great hopes and failed dreams after the Russian Revolution. Winner of the Silver Bear award for cinematography at the 2015 Berlinade, Under Electric Clouds is also nominated for an Asia Pacific Screen Award.

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