Spooky Bunch, The

A vivid demonstration of the ways Hong Kong generated fun and energy from the city’s perpetual haunting by its past.

The Spooky Bunch is a comedy starring a bumbling beauty, a horror flick with a female ghost and a backstage musical that doesn’t care much about the music.  A Cantonese opera troupe is invited to perform on an outlying island, where tradition interacts with. Art meets reality and the surreal when the bunch is drawn into a spooky imbroglio that dates back generations…

Director Ann Hui (The Golden Era) mounts the misadventures with a delicate balance of divergent genre impulses and a sensitivity towards women characters, realized beautifully by the spirited performance of star-producer Josephine Siao, who would go on to win Best Actress at the Berlinale for Hui’s Summer Snow (1995).