Road Called Life, A

“such exquisite animation deserves to be seen” – Eastern Kicks

From the creators of beloved animation Greed Halicize, directing duo, Ahn Jae-hun and Han Hye-jin breathe life into three traditional Korean tales in their magnificent omnibus.

The first, When the Buckwheat Flowers Bloom, is set in the 1940s and follows an elderly market-seller as he entertains his travel companions with stories of love and loss. The comical Spring Spring sees a naive 1920s field-labourer move in with his master’s family at the promise of marrying the master’s
daughter. While in A Lucky Day, set in 1930s, a poverty-stricken rickshaw driver works to support his ill wife and child.

From a painstakingly real rendering of the streets of Seoul to a field of wildflowers hand drawn petal by petal, The Road Called Life captures the beauty and grief of life and everything in between.