Coffin In The Mountain

“An entertaining and smartly written indie” – Twitch Film

When a half-burnt body is found on the fringes of a small village deep in a dense forest, the lives of three of its inhabitants intertwine in this thrilling, blackly comic debut feature from young director Xin Yukun.

This suspenseful whodunit expertly weaves together the stories of an accidental killer on the run, an abused woman plotting a murder, and an upstanding village chief thrust into the middle of the mystery. Shifting the focus between these three linked strands, Xin’s cleverly penned script spins a
subtle web of cause and effect, exploring how just one act can irrevocably alter the fate of an entire community.

Winner of the Grand Prix at 2014 Warsaw Film Festival.

Writer and director Xin Yukun in attendance Nov 27.