Thanatos Drunk

“Feels like a lethal projectile striking at the core of humanity… one of Chang Tso-chi’s best” – Taipei Times

Rat is a volatile slacker, wracked with guilt following his alcoholic mother’s death and drifting aimlessly through life in the seedy underbelly of Taipei. When his gay brother returns from a stint in the US, Rat’s delicate equilibrium begins to unravel, precipitating a downward slide into despair and violence.

Taking out six Taipei Film Awards, including the Grand Prix, and receiving ten nominations at the Golden Horse Awards, Thanatos, Drunk is the latest work from veteran Taiwanese director Chang Tso-chi (When Love Comes, Darkness and Light). Brooding, and intimate, this slow-burn slice of poetic realism offers an uneasy glimpse into the darker side of Taiwan’s glittering cities.