Mountains May Depart

“[A] staggeringly ambitious piece of work from a filmmaker whose creativity is evolving before our eyes” – Guardian

As China braces for the turn of the millennium, dirt-poor coal miner Liangzi and rising entrepreneur Jingsheng compete for the love of the beautiful Tao (Zhao Tao). When she chooses the wealthier suitor, it’s a decision with consequences that will echo through the decades, changing their lives in ways they can’t possibly imagine.

Jia Zhang-Ke (Still Life, A Touch of Sin), one of Chinese cinema’s most distinctive filmmakers, delivers an expansive and intoxicating vision. An epic that spans a quarter-century, straddling continents and generations, Mountains May Depart is a sprawling, extraordinary parable about contemporary China, and the inexorable seismic shifts that are reshaping the foundations of its society.