“Taut, riveting and visually striking… could easily be Park’s tour de force as both director and actor” Hollywood Reporter
In a remote mountain village, Jung-chul dreams of nothing more than building a secure, concrete home for his family. But when he’s fired from a local construction site, these humble aspirations slip ever further from Jung-chul’s grasp, throwing his meagre life into tumbling, unstoppable chaos.

Prodigious writer-director-actor Park Jung-bum (The Journals of Musan) unleashes a cinematic masterclass with Alive, his remarkably assured sophomore outing. An uncompromising,
rigorously measured portrait of life at the margins of a hypermodern Korea, Alive takes the simplest of stories and reveals its infinite complexities – a powerful, universal emblem of the all-too-human costs that come with inexorable progress.

Director Park Jung-bum in attendance on 29 Nov.