Zero Motivation

Zero Motivation

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BUY TICKETS     Sunday, 30 November – 1.30pm – Palace Barracks Cinemas

BUY TICKETS     Friday, 12 December – 9.00pm –Palace Barracks Cinemas

“Full of unexpected twists and turns … inventively recasts conflict in decidedly non-heroic, absurdist white-collar terms.”Variety

In Israel, military duty is synonymous with citizenship, even for women. But for impetuous and naive best friends Daffi and Zohar, their stint in the army is little but an exercise in endless office work and mindless boredom. Surrounded by talk of battle yet reduced to monitoring liquid paper usage, they begin stacking acts of petty rebellion one upon another, until Zohar pushes things a step too far and the office devolves into all out warfare.

The anarchic comedy of Office Space comes to the Israeli Defence Force in Zero Motivation, the slyly comic feature film debut from writer-director Talya Lavie, which swept the recent Israeli Film Academy Awards winning gongs including Best Actress, Director, Screenplay, and winner of Best Narrative Feature at Tribeca Film Festival. A cutting broadside on bureaucracy and militarism delivered with a knowing wink, Lavie sidesteps the real battlefield to produce that rarest of things – a truly honest war film.