Wukan: The Flame of Democracy

Wukan Flame Of Democracy

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BUY TICKETS     Sunday, 7 December – 1.00pm – Palace Barracks Cinemas


 “As the international press left Wukan after its historic vote, [the filmmakers] stayed on to follow the newly elected village committee in action.” – Al Jazeera

In late 2011, Wukan, a village in southern China, captured international attention when it rose up against decades of corrupt rule. For weeks, demonstrators flooded the streets calling for their leaders who had held power for more than 40 years, to resign and return land stolen from the community. The odds appeared insurmountable – Chinese authorities are not known for tolerating dissent. Still, despite a crackdown and the death of a leading activist, the unthinkable happened in Wukan – the Village Committee fell and democratic elections were announced.  So what happens after a successful uprising?

From filmmakers who have spent a decade making documentaries throughout Asia comes an intimate portrait of a rural Chinese community in the midst of unprecedented change. As euphoria turns to disappointment, and hope to frustration, the new village leaders have to decide if their dreams are worth fighting for.