Tokyo Tribe

Tokyo Tribe

Screening Information
BUY TICKETS     Saturday, 29 November – 9.00pm – Palace Barracks Cinemas

BUY TICKETS     Friday, 5 December – 9.00pm – The Australian Cinémathèque at GOMA

“A furiously paced, neon-paletted East Side Story/hip-hopera that should cement Sono’s reputation as an alchemist of anarchy … a fish tank of frenetic action.” – Indiewire

Sion Sono, the enfant terrible of Japanese cinema, continues to amuse and shock, this time with a radical, tongue-in-cheek subversion of his country’s unique brand of hardcore gangster film, based on Santa Inoue’s legendary manga which sold over 2.5 million copies and heavily influenced Japanese urban culture in the 1990s. A relentless post-apocalyptic battle royale that unfolds almost entirely in rap and breakdance, Tokyo Tribe stars a who’s who of the Japanese hip-hop scene, including rap superstar Young Dais as the idealistic, ass-kicking Kai.

In a dystopian future, criminal overlord Bubba rules over a fractured, crime-ridden Tokyo with an iron fist. Fed up with his heavy-handed, sadistic rule, the other clans in the city band together in a last-ditch attempt to overthrow him. Their attempts seem doomed to failure until the sudden appearance of new gang leaders Tera and Kai, who come bearing a gospel of peace and love –served with a side of righteous justice.