Thread of Lies

Thread Of Lies

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BUY TICKETS     Wednesday, 10 December – 6.30pm – The Australian Cinémathèque at GOMA

Superbly constructed … rarely, if ever, has the topic of teenage bullying been examined in such forensic detail and delivered with such devastating emotional impact.” –  Variety

Hyun-sook is a single mother raising two teenage girls, Man-ji and her sweet younger sister Cheon-ji. Without any warning and leaving no note, one day Cheon-ji ends her life. As grief and confusion turn to anger, Man-ji starts to ask questions, deconstructing surface group dynamics to uncover the insidious bullying that exists in her sister’s school friendship group.

With a subtle hand, Director Han Lee turns up the tension. Cheon-ji’s friends are motivated by complex emotions: for the audience, visceral responses of disgust and horror become harder to pin down when understanding and empathy are invoked. Outstanding performances by the young cast bring the story to life with an authenticity that resonates long after the credits close.