The Infinite Man

The Infinite Man

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BUY TICKETS     Monday, 1 December – 6.30pm – Palace Barracks Cinemas

BUY TICKETS     Thursday, 4 December – 6.00pm – Palace Barracks Cinemas

A bravura film full of wit, wistfulness, romanticism and totally off-the-wall concepts dangerously weird. Margaret Pomeranz, At The Movies

Hilarious and passionately inventive. TIME

Nerdy control freak Dean takes an almost scientific approach to the happiness of his girlfriend Lana, concocting the perfect schedule for their anniversary trip to the bush. He’s intent on recreating that experience – maybe a bit too intently – so after botching the romantic weekend in a major way, our luckless inventor attempts to put things right via his custom-made time-travel device. Instead, he initiates an inescapable circuit of events spawning a legion of romantic rivals. These misguided versions of himself are all stuck in an abandoned desert motel, trapped in an infinite loop of Dean’s making. Lana shows remarkable tolerance to all of this until her ex, Terry, shows up and Dean now has a real rival; or five.

Since its triumphant premiere earlier this year at SXSW, Hugh Sullivan’s debut feature has emerged as an international festival darling, already screening at more than 18 festivals around the world, and announces the arrival of a singular new talent.