Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait

Silvered Water

Screening Information

BUY TICKETS     Wednesday, 3 December – 6.00pm – The Australian Cinémathèque at GOMA

BUY TICKETS     Saturday, 6 December – 3.30pm – Palace Barracks Cinemas


“The pixelated precision of their savage reality takes your breath away” – Screen Daily

This is a devastatingly personal documentary that bears witness to the atrocities of the ongoing Syrian war.

Every day in Syria, YouTubers film then die; others kill then film. In Paris, driven by his inexhaustible love for Syria, director Ossama Mohammed found that he could only film the sky and edit the footage posted on YouTube. From within the tension between his estrangement in France and the revolution, an encounter happened. A young Kurdish from Homs began to chat with him, asking: “If your camera were here, in Homs, what would you be filming?” Silvered Water is the incredible story of their encounter.

Filmed by over 1000 Syrians, Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait documents the destruction and horror of the civil war through a combination of eyewitness accounts shot on mobile phones and posted to the internet. The astounding results will leave no viewer unaffected.