Legend of a Rabbit

Legend Of A Rabbit

Screening Information

BUY TICKETS     Tuesday, 9 December – 1.00pm –The Australian Cinémathèque at GOMA


The mild-mannered and infinitely good-natured [rabbit] Tu is a refreshing alternative to Hollywood animated heroes, who are given to hyperactivity and compulsive wise-cracking.” – The Hollywood Reporter

Legend of a Rabbit is the feisty tale of a tubby pancake-cooking rabbit called Tu’er who becomes an unlikely hero. Unexpectedly called on to defeat the formidable panda Xiongtianba, Tu’er is trained by the monkey kung fu master Laoguanzhu, and swaps the kitchen for flying kicks!

Winner of the Huabio Award  for Outstanding Animation, the film’s voice-cast features Fan Wei (Back to 1942), Yan Ni (Closing night’s Coming Home) and Zhang Fengyi (Farewell my Concubine).

Directed by the revered and respected Professor Sun Lijun, Vice-President of the Beijing Film Academy, Legend of a Rabbit is the first Chinese animation to break through in international markets and has been released in 62 countries.

In addition to presenting the film at BAPFF, Professor Sun will be conferred with an Honorary Doctorate from Griffith University.

Professor Sun will be in attendance.