Ice Poison

Ice Poison

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BUY TICKETS     Saturday, 6 December – 9.30pm – The Australian Cinémathèque at GOMA

BUY TICKETS     Saturday, 13 December – 2.00pm – The Australian Cinémathèque at GOMA

Australian Premiere

“A mesmerising, stark depiction of drugs and poverty … serves as a potent metaphor for the economic and psychological devastation of many Burmese.”Twitch

Winner of the Edinburgh Film Festival’s Best International Feature award, and Taiwan’s submission for the 2015 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, Ice Poison is a stark, non-judgemental depiction of poverty and the drug trade in Myanmar.

Set in the heart of the country’s opium-growing territory, the tale follows a young man desperately trying to scrape together a living from subsistence-level farming. When he decides to try his hand at running a scooter-taxi service, he swiftly finds himself drawn into the dangerous world of drug running.

The third feature from Burmese-born Taiwanese director Midi Z (Return to Burma, Poor Folk), Ice Poison is lent a documentary-like authenticity by meticulous pacing and remarkably naturalistic performances from its two leads.

Engrossing and powerful, this is a sober, sensitive portrait of desperation and temptation.