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BUY TICKETS     Saturday, 6 December – 6.30pm – The Australian Cinémathèque at GOMA

BUY TICKETS     Sunday, 7 December – 7.00pm – The Australian Cinémathèque at GOMA


 “A powerfully atmospheric thriller… a quietly compelling study in creeping dread and urban alienation, with overtones of Michael Haneke.” – The Hollywood Reporter

In a cramped inner-city apartment, Ayako lives out an oppressive domestic existence, unemployed and single, and co-habiting with her recently divorced dad. Offered a menial office job by an old high school friend, Yukari, Ayako leaps at the opportunity to get out of the house. But there’s a darkness lurking beneath Ayako’s beaten-down exterior, and Yukari will soon discover what hell can be wrought by a forgotten woman.

Six years in the making and painstakingly arranged, Forma is the multi-award-winning and monstrously ambitious debut feature from up-and-coming director Ayumi Sakamoto. Producing a masterclass in simmering tension and exquisitely drawn-out filmic reveals, Sakamoto has constructed a captivating, maddening psycho-thriller, pushing questions of right or wrong aside as she prises apart the seed of madness that lies within us all.