Hybrid Story Worlds: Imagining Our Future


Co-presented by BAPFF and Queensland University of Technology
Sunday 22 November
The Cube, QUT Gardens Point
10am to 5pm | Free and ticketed events


Taking audiences on a journey to new visual worlds beyond the cinema, this special program presents how gaming and cinematic concepts and technologies are being merged to create hybrid experiences of fact and fiction, physical and digital, historic and fantastic. Designed to expand your mind and excite your imagination.

There is an arcade of the latest in Virtual Reality (VR) films, games and museums and a full day of presentations and talks by the masters of science, art and design from across the creative industries.

And for kids, there is a special filmmaking workshop in which you can star alongside virtual creatures.

Curated by Deb Polson, Senior Lecturer, School of Design, Queensland University of Technology.


For over 20 years Deb Polson has been adopting and adapting new and old technologies and collaborating with scientists and artists to create hybrid worlds that allow audiences to play and experiment with future scenarios.

Deb has also been designing and hosting multiple augmented reality games in art galleries, universities, museums, parks, schools and even in a military submarine. Now Deb runs custom workshops to mentor students, artists, writers, film makers and organisations who are keen to adopt techniques used by game designers to expand their creative inventory and energise their professional practices.

Hybrid Arcade
VR Films and Games 11am to 5 pm P413, The Cube Free
Meet The Makers 11:30am to 1:30 pm Free
Hybrid Masters
The Labs of the Future 10am to 11:30am P419(The Forum) The Cube Free
The Gurus of Games 12pm to 1:30 pm Free
Writing and Designing Hybrid Worlds 2pm to 3pm Free
The Asia Pacific Virtual Reality Network 3pm to 4pm Free
Hybrid labs – For the Kids!
The Monster Zoo 11am-12:30pm P505, The cube $25
The Cube, QUT Gardens Point //2 George Street, Brisbane
Hybrid Arcade
Hybrid Masters
Hybrid Labs